This page is under construction at this time.  The intent is to place our Government Representatives’ Contact information, as well as other resources (besides the Montana Conservative Blogroll in the right column, scroll down) for well-rounded and current news, social networking with others of like-mind and like-heart, keeping up-to-date, and taking action.  Thank you for your patience!

Voter Registration – and Check your Voting Status (Precincts, etc.)

Some useful information for Recall of our public officials:’s Link for Montana Laws on Recall

(Here is info on other states if needed)  Also:  See This PDF about Recalling Senators and Congressmen.



FAX ALL Government Representatives FOR FREE!!

Also – Contact National AND State Level Representatives – and Radio Talk Show Hosts, etcetera!

Senator Max Baucus (D)

Senator Jon Tester (D)

House of Representatives:
Rep.  Steve Daines (R)


Rankings for Accountability of ALL House and Senate in Montana!!

Governor Steve Bullock (D)
Lt. Governor John Walsh

Tell the MT Legislature and Committees How to Vote!!

Montana State Legislators

Montana Supreme Court

Montana Attorney General – Tim Fox

Montana Secretary of State – Linda McCullough


From the Montana Policy Institute:  CHECK MONTANA SCHOOLS!



Missoula County
Sheriff’s Office
Courthouse 200 W Broadway
Missoula, Montana 59802
(406) 523-4810
Missoula County Sheriff
Michael R. McMeekin
Missoula Police Department

City of Missoula (Mayor John Engen (D), City Council, etc.)


City of Hamilton

Hamilton Police Department  (406) 363-2100

223 South 2nd Street, Hamilton, MT 59840

Ravalli County

Ravalli County
Sheriff’s Office
205 Bedford
Hamilton, Montana 59840
(406) 375-4060     (or 406-375-4080 Detention Center)
Ravalli County Sheriff
Chris Hoffman

EXCELLENT Link for Montana (and National) Sheriffs

Updates forthcoming for the rest of this portion, and future portions, later – thanks!


13 Responses to Resources

  1. Jay Thomas says:

    Short Term Fix

    Arrest G. Soros on site for subversion. Extradite M. Strong from China and incarcerate him for the same charge. Conficate their billions and apply it to the National Debt. Taxing the banks is stealing our money again…….

    • Rick Ferguson says:

      Here we are two years later, and Mr. Soros looked a little worried this morning as he watched the New World Order/one world government w/ the euro dollar starting to show fatigue and the stark possibility of the beginning of a EU break up. Me, I hope this disciple of Satan gets to see it happen. Gonna be awful hot down there George, but here’s a glimmer of light: you get reacquainted with your Nazi friends.

  2. milla koger says:

    How do I find information on your special groups like preparedness and constitutional studies? Thanks.

    • moncon1776 says:

      Milla, I understand a new site is going together for this. Try and keep in mind they are still making site updates – hope this helps!

    • Hey Milla,

      The website is still making changes, Thanx MonCon, Milla if you still need the information, or anyone else trying to find information out, please go to the website and contact the webmaster. I can get you more information on the questions you asked.


  3. Jackie says:

    They are Not officials, they are Representatives. The word officials gives them more power than they should have, they have already taken enough power through their votes that we have no say in, and wanting more

  4. Jackie says:

    Baucus is looking to be one to take our 2nd Amendment away. Any thing he can do. If another state does it, Montana needs to do it as well, does this mean if they jump off a cliff we need to?

  5. Jackie says:

    Also, Baucus is looking to impose the internet tax here in Montana as 45 other States of done this. Anyone who has bought on line knows that it charges a state tax sales tax if applicable. We in MT do not have a State sales tax yet this is one way that Baucus sees to get us one.
    Do you really want to re elect someone that follows the crowd? Has to pass something just because other States have it?
    I do not.

  6. Rick says:

    Jackie, both our senators have managed to fool a lot of people by typically having their pictures taken on a tractor while holding a flyrod in one hand, a gun in the other; while praising veterans. Hopefully, the word is out, “they are going for our guns”. Cooking one’s own goose does not matter to Baucus or Testor because these two left “wing” progressives sincerely believe this is a major leap for total government control of the US population.

  7. Rick says:

    PS: I am sick of getting answers to my emails and letters from both our senators that are meaningless and only mimick to the old bill clinton back shuffle: in other words their words mean nothing.

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