Upcoming Missoula Conservatives Meeting

The next Missoula Conservatives Meeting will be:

Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 7pm

Quality Inn at 3803 Brooks (near Reserve)

Speaker is Michael Shaw with Freedom Advocates and this is the last day of his Western Montana speaking tour!  The topic is how globalism creeps into our communities.  Download the excellent eBook on how Agenda 21 affects all of us while you are visiting the website!

Printed LETTERS will be available for our signatures to deliver to Sheriffs McMeekin and Hoffman, based on Sheriff Mack’s Supreme Court decision in the 1990’s that it is the Sheriff’s duty to protect us from the Federal onslaught of taxation, regulation, and stolen liberties – the most important being our medical freedoms (and in particular, the seeming rollout of mandatory vaccines like the H1N1)! See Pamela’s thread at ResistNet.com to download and read the content of the letters – or if you can’t make it to the meeting, print and sign one of your own for delivery (and have a few neighbors or co-workers who “get it” sign too!):


While you are there – check out the entire ResistNet.com website – if you are so inclined to join, make sure you join the State of Montana Group AND your Local Area Group – to keep you informed nationally and locally!  Thanks, and hope to see you at the meeting!


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