Celebrating Conservatism’s 1st Anniversary Meeting!

Congratulations to ALL of you.  In December of 2008, this group started with about 25 people, and there were approximately 600 people that showed up for Sheriff Mack in November – WOW!

So – this “2nd Amendment Celebration” will be a PARTY!! As usual, the event is no cost, and donations are greatly appreciated to continue hosting these excellent meetings!

First, there will be a Chili Cook-Off! Details to follow as they become available.  As usual, there is a Potluck, so bring Chili, Salad, Corn Bread, Side Dish, or Dessert.

Second, we have a Country and Western BAND for your entertainment!

Third, our excellent speakers include Gary Marbut of Missoula, MT and Schaeffer Cox, of Fairbanks, AK, starting at 6:45pm!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EARLIER Start Time:  5:00pm!!

Location: First Interstate Building, Ravalli County Fairgrounds, 100 Old Corvallis Road (NE Corner of Fairgrounds Road), Hamilton, Montana

Directions: Take Hwy. 93, turn East at the light, onto Fairgrounds Road (North End of Town).  Upon passing the frontage road (Old Corvallis Road), it is located on the left side – pull into the Gate for parking, or park on Fairgrounds Road.

ALSO:  Old West Firearms Display, Ammunition Raffle – and Prizes for Best Western Attire!!



3 Responses to Celebrating Conservatism’s 1st Anniversary Meeting!

  1. Charlie Page says:

    Fellow Montana Conservatives:

    These are the two messages that I sent this evening marking the historic vote in the U.S. Senate to advance the Reid-Baucus = ObamaCare bill.

    They had to do it on a Saturday evening in part to let us know they were “working on the week-end” and mostly to be sure that all the “turkeys” could be home for Thanksgiving!

    Let not our hearts be troubled….

    Charlie Page

    Dear Senator DeMint,

    This is a copy of the message I sent late this afternoon to Sens. Baucus & Tester.

    Knowing that they were part of the effort to force this terrible piece of legislation forward, there was no doubt how the result would come to be.

    Thank you for your leadership in this fight.

    Without true patriotic leaders like you, Sens. Kyl, Cornyn, Graham, Grassley, Greg, Thune and others, there would be no one standing between We The People and the insidious plans of the Democrats in this Senate today.

    I am so disappointed in the likes of Sens. Landrieu (who was clearly “bribed”) Lincoln & Nelson (who caved), Lieberman (who failed to take a stand when it really counted), Reid (who is beyond contempt), and all the others who sold us out tonight.

    I can only hope that “WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER” and that these individuals, and others, will be turned out of office as soon as possible by the people they would not hear.

    My sincere best wishes to you and other conservative senators in the coming “debate” over what will eventually become law in this regard.

    Hopefully, it will turn out somewhat better than I truly fear at this point.


    Dr. Charlie Page

    Dear Senator Baucus and Senator Tester,

    I know neither of you will ever actually see this message from me, but I wanted and needed to write it anyway.

    In a few hours the U.S. Senate will vote along party lines to grant the Federal Government essentially total control of an estimated 20% of our country’s sadly struggling and rapidly shrinking economy.

    With this vote the Democrats will set in motion a host of terrible actions under the guise of “providing healthcare coverage to all Americans…at no additional cost to the National Debt!”

    With it will come massive cuts in Medicare to our Nation’s growing number of seniors, increased financial burdens on nearly all states and every individual in our Country, the inevitable control and rationing of care by bureaucrats, and the assured eventual destruction of what has been the greatest healthcare system the world has ever seen.

    You in the Senate especially have done this in spite of the wishes of your constituents, the advice of experts, or future good of our Nation and it legal, living citizens.

    You have done it in secrecy behind closed doors, “in the dead of night,” and contrary to the vast majority of tax payer wishes all in the name of control, power, money, and votes.

    I just want you to know how ashamed I am of you tonight and your vote on this issue.

    You had the opportunity to work in an open and bipartisan, transparent and measured, creative and imaginative fashion to “improve” the availability of healthcare to all citizens…but chose instead the selfish and destructive path you followed these past many months.

    I also, want you to know that I will do everything in my personal power under the law to work from now on to defeat you and everything you attempt to achieve in the U.S. Senate for as long as you each shall serve.

    You clearly do not represent me as a tax payer, senior, retired healthcare professional, legal citizen and patriot of Montana.

    Shame on you both!


    Dr. Charlie Page
    Stevensville, MT

  2. Bryan Bender says:


    I apologize for the late notice, but am a reporter for the Boston Globe and will be in Montana this week. I wondered if it was too late to request permission to attend the Dec. 1 event in Hamilton.

    I can be reached by cell phone at 202.369.6856

    Bryan Bender
    Boston Globe
    Washignton Bureau

  3. moncon1776 says:

    Hi Bryan! Thanks for your interest – your number will be passed onto the event organizers, I am sure they would love to see you! Thanks!

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