Denny Rehberg Is Not For Liberty

There is plenty of internet coverage of Senator Max Baucus giving his girlfriend an unjustified $14,000 raise, so we won’t bore you here.  The most incredible and yet entirely predictable thing is the nonchalance of the Democrats.  If a Republican were to do this, it is nearly guaranteed there would be a lot more stink about it on MSM.  What have we learned?  Be careful which party you choose when you decide to have scandals.  In general, the Democrats tend to get away with plenty more than the Republicans do.

As we all know, everyone has had their utter concentration on the costly, inefficient and perhaps deadly Health Care Bill (ObamaCare) as of late.  The creators of this 2,000 page document will stop at nothing to cram this down the American throat, whether Americans want it or not.  Even the Americans who think they want it haven’t read it, and if they did:  they either have something themselves to gain from it, or they would vote against it.  Even Jon Tester has created a series of emails, pretending that the proposed Health Care would actually help Montanans, using isolated personal stories that are unfortunately void of the hard facts and the larger picture.

But today – the House slid a fast one on us.  They knew it too.

While Mr. Rehberg likely identifies himself as a Conservative, Montanans who consider themselves Liberty-oriented, be it anything from Libertarians to “Ron Paul Conservatives” as well as wide-ranging political affiliation descriptions; will be quite disappointed in this news:

He voted for extending the already-liberty-robbing Patriot Act today.

Here is the PDF link for the Bill HR 3326 to read for yourself – you need Acrobat Reader on your computer to read it.

Here is the Voting Results.  It is so sad there are only 34 Patriots, and how embarrassing that 23 of those were Democrat!  Shame on the Fake Republicans!

Liberty-minded Montana voters have had it up and over and beyond with Washington’s rhetoric of their “protection” of us, when what is practiced is the exact opposite of that.  We are tired of having our freedoms stripped away and constant invasions of our privacy.  We wonder – is Mr. Rehberg also in favor of the Real ID Act?

True Conservative voters need to take this into consideration at election time, as well as foster new candidate(s) who are about restoring our liberties, according to the US and the Montana Constitution – we cannot settle for less!

On a lighter note (or a darker note, depending on your sense of humor), yet another gem of a post entitled “Please Enslave Me!” from Anti-Tax Activist Larken Rose has been released – ENJOY!


4 Responses to Denny Rehberg Is Not For Liberty

  1. Liberty for All says:

    It’s time for we Libertarians to get real about our state’s politics.Denny Rehberg votes over 70 percent Liberty caucus in a 50 50 split conservative, liberal state.Articles like this one and our party’s constant self flagellation from the self righteous “constitution” right costs us elections. Max Baucus wouldn’t be a senator today had we not ran a 3rd party “constitutional” candidate against Rehberg and Baucus. Healthcare would not be on the agenda.Rehberg has Republicans running against him to the left this cycle. Because Denny votes for a measure that law enforcement constantly tells us has caught terrorists such as the Lackawanna 6 and etc is no reason for us to self destruct. Let’s come together and focus on the real enemy the parentalist progressives in our state. Not defenders of Liberty like Denny Rehberg.

    • moncon1776 says:

      Hello “Liberty for All” – why do you identify yourself as being for Liberty if you do not believe that the Constitution is indeed the FIRST thing to be upheld by anyone running for office?

      This is especially important for those who would call themselves Republican like Denny Rehberg. He supports “big brother” just like the so-called Progressives when he supported action that would hurt family-owned organic farmers while putting money into the pockets of Monsanto and other GMO corporations (and limiting consumer choices). He wishes to keep Industrial Hemp illegal so the large chemical companies do not have fair competition, and thereby consumers do not have a safe, natural choice that ought to be available on the market. With this record so far, I am sure he would also not endorse re-legalizing PROVEN and safe natural/herbal health alternatives and would instead favor Big Pharma and the AMA (again, at the cost of the consumer). These stances are liberty-stealing, not liberty-promoting. It is pretty apparent who he works for – and it isn’t for the American Individual.

      We don’t need to split the Republican party. All we need is ONE conservative, a REAL conservative, who FOLLOWS the Constitution FIRST and will not cower at the utter saturation of NeoCons and Fake Republicans and their selfish desires to run rampant against the Constitution. Deviating from this principal alone has caused all of our problems today. Over the years, the Republicans have become the Progressive Facsists, and the Democrats have become the Progressive Communists. For those who stand for Liberty, this is not acceptable.

      As a side note, regardless of a conservative choice availability: The Pachyderms, who are supposed to be conservative (and apparently really are in other areas) had turned on their members and supported the non-conservative Baucus. Added to the collective influence of other groups, including the impact of more “moderate groups,” and the liberal progressive groups, this would in turn likely have generated a win for him, in any case.

      With “conservatives” like this – who needs enemies?

    • D.A. says:

      The Ponderosa Room at City Hall
      952 E. Spruce Street, Libby, MT

      Denny Rehberg will be coming to Libby on January 16th to get your views on Senator Jon Tester’s Wilderness Bill S1470.
      He will be at the Ponderosa Room from 3 – 4:30pm
      Please let other like-minded people know that Congressman Rehberg will be out this way.

  2. There are too many so-called libertarians who, in reality, are simply anarchists supporting license to do whatever they desire for their personal pleasure. They oppose laws against any drugs, prostitution, etc. These people are not true conservatives, or supporters of our founders.

    Just because you don’t agree with EVERY decision or vote by a legislator, don’t just pout and whine. People who focus on absolute privacy as a single issue are no different from any other single issue constituent. Too narrow-minded to accomplish anything; blissfully and self-righteously doing absolutely NOTHING! If you agree with ANYONE else on everything: one of you is not necessary.

    I am committed to restoring our freedoms, one step at a time. Progressives (that means Neo-Marxists) got us to this place one step at a time. They will take whatever they can get legislatively, judicially and executively all the while never being satisfied, nontheless pleased with every incremental step towards totalitarian control.

    Are you so foolish that you will quit when you don’t get everything the way you want it the first time you try? I certainly hope not. Get in the game and quit being like the movie critic or sports analyst. Neither have the talent or inclination to work to produce; just happy to criticize anyone who doesn’t do it ‘their’ way.

    P.S. I know and respect Denny. Ron Paul counts him as an ally and friend. I respect them both while certainly not agreeing with either on everything!

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