Back in the Saddle – After a Winter Hiatus

Thanks all, for being patient!  Later posts will be more in-depth, but wanted to get the word out on a few things.

First, we have some Montana Candidate information coming up.  For starters, we are enthusiastic for a REAL alternative to Denny Rehberg with Mark French! Take a look!  Later, we hope to post videos with candidate interviews, so you can easily review the candidates and their positions for yourselves – something the mainstream news doesn’t really allow us to do.

Please deeply consider the Libertarian platform when voting, since it is close to the model wanted in Montana, especially by those who identify with the term, “Ron Paul Republican.”  Visit to learn more about the 2010 Ravalli County Libertarian movement, and sign up for email updates for upcoming events and activism.

Next, there is a Regional/National Event coming here in about a month!  As feature in the Daily Paul:

The Liberty Convention is being held for 2 full days and nights:  May 21-22, 2010 in Missoula, Montana at the Adams Center at the U of M!  Along with workshops and rallies, their featured speakers are Chuck Baldwin, Sheriff Richard Mack, Red Beckman, Gary Marbut, and others.  For more information, see the website!

That’s all for now – more to come later!  Thanks all!


2 Responses to Back in the Saddle – After a Winter Hiatus

  1. Charlie Page says:

    Glad to be hearing from you again! We need all the conservative communication we can get at this critical time in Montana’s and America’s history. Really helps to hear from folks who care about and want to get our country back on track to the Constitutional leadership of We The People.

    • moncon1776 says:

      Thanks Charlie! Please make sure you look at the Blogroll here, as we have added some links! There are also plans to update the Resources page, and to make a Candidates area so voters can stay informed! I hope you have signed up for email updates as well, and if you are on Facebook, there is a page on NetworkedBlogs, and we regularly post on Fan Pages like Montana Shrugged, and some groups like the Montana Liberty Coalition/Third Party Alliance!

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