Democrats Steal Republican Primary in Montana and More

June 17, 2010

The Ravalli County, Montana Libertarian Party has posted some informative articles, the title of which will say what happened when (except for Ravalli’s Ron Stoltz and other true conservatives) the RINO’s won nearly every time statewide in the June Primary Elections.

or Republicrat

Besides the Democrats (due to “open” Primary in MT) voting for RINO’s so that their agenda is achieved regardless of who wins in November, this is mixed with a rather (voluntarily) uninformed public, who are unfortunately only capable of absorbing manipulated mainstream media exposure and picking from two choices: the Red Elephant “R” or the Blue Donkey “D” and nothing else. They haven’t noticed over the last 100 years, and especially in the last 40 years, that they are now the same party.

For those of you who need more education on why “R” and “D” are actually “F” or “C,” which are nearly the same thing (i.e. Statist) and obviously moving further away from the founding of our country, please read the following:

Even better – for those of you convinced that “Republican equals Conservative” and then vote straight “R” all the way down the ticket, learn why indiscriminately voting “R” is ushering in the Statist regime even faster than by choosing “D.”

With few exceptions (Ron Paul comes to mind), it is really becoming a choice between “Retard” and “Dumb.”  And unfortunately, this describes the typical voter, not the politicians – as the politicians absolutely know what they are doing!  And that the majority of the population doesn’t even vote (due mostly to feeling powerless), this can even be a worse problem.

However, nearly everyone (whether they exercise their right to vote or not) is a taxpayer – and those smart, consuming (no, devouring) politicians look for many ways to get into your pocket and endlessly spend, so that they themselves (or their friends) don’t have to do any productive work, but live off of your back, while giving mere breadcrumbs to those they claim to be helping.  You think we would better monitor how our hard-earned money is spent, and when it is being squandered (stolen), to do something about it.

And while you are visiting, you may want to know what “L” for Libertarian actually IS!  While it sounds like the word “Liberal,” it is far from this – in fact, it can be more “conservative” than you may realize.  See where you are on this quizLearn about the Constitution and Bill of Rights with 8 hours of excellent free video classes from 2004 Presidential Libertarian Candidate, Michael Badnarik – and watch his June 1, 2010 Presentation in Hamilton (about 75 minutes long).

Since RINO’s are now dominating the Republican ticket (again) – voting “L” for Libertarian locally in November is our only hope of getting our liberties, and our property, back!

How can we educate voters (or should I say, our neighbors)?  How can we inspire them to care to register to vote – and then to actually vote, and do so knowledgeably?  How can we feel like we really are making a difference?  It starts with us, and then we need to share with others, and then they feel inspired to also share with others, etcetera, etcetera.  Let’s DO THIS!!

Please visit the “Resources” page here, and VOTE in whatever way you can in November for real hope and change.  (And while you are at it, please vote yes to restore the Montana Grand Jury!)  Thank you!


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