Even the Ravalli County REPUBLICANS Want Zoning??

October 12, 2010

***For Your Calendars:***

“North Valley Pachyderm Club will meet Friday, October 15, 2010 at noon at The Frontier Cafe; HWY 93 in Stevensville. Our guests speakers will be Commissioners Greg Chilcott and J R Iman talking about the need for a Growth Policy and  Representatives Bob Lake and Gary MacLaren talking about ballot issues.”

From the Desk of Dan Cox:

The Growth Policy Repeal that stopped the unconstitutional ZONING is only good until Nov. 2nd. Starting November 3, 2010, you will most likely see a push to restart the zoning process.

You are probably saying to yourself: how could the zoning push possibly be back, the Republicans are going to be back in control?  If you read the material in “Also from the Desk of Dan Cox” below, it lays out how much resistance we got from both parties when we wanted to protect our property rights by stopping the zoning process.

Still not convinced?  Ask yourself why the Republican educational arm, the North Valley Pachyderm club scheduled Stewart Brandborg, President of Bitterrooters for Planning to come talk about why we need zoning?  Stewart did cancel several times, even though Dave Hurtt assured him he would only be questioned by Dave himself.  This was in my opinion an attempt to sway all of the Republicans back towards zoning.
Since Stewart Brandborg cancelled they were unable to use good cop/bad cop to get their message across, now they have resorted to pushing the issue openely themselves.  Here (as well as above) is this week’s invitation to the Republican club, it speaks for itself.
“North Valley Pachyderm Club will meet Friday, October 15, 2010 at noon at The Frontier Cafe; HWY 93 in Stevensville. Our guests speakers will be Commissioners Greg Chilcott and J R Iman talking about the need for a Growth Policy and  Representatives Bob Lake and Gary MacLaren talking about ballot issues.”
This is a Republican club and all of their guest speakers are Republicans.  Don’t be duped again.  These guys are not the friends of liberty.  I am sure they will try to soft sell it by saying that we need a growth policy in order to get funding.  Why would we give up our property rights for funding?  The real reason they want a growth policy and zoning, is so their buddies can benefit from a law that says if you have a growth policy the government can subsidize your development and give you an exemption from the costly and time consuming subdivision review process.
If they can get countrol of the county commissioners office they can also implement zoning that would restrict their competition from developing.  Then they can buy their competitors land for pennies on the dollar and have it re-zoned for development.  This of course creates a financial windfall for the victors.  It is also the main principle in facism.  They are writing these benefits into the subdivision regulations revision as we speak.  You will hear them say something along the lines of “promoting things we like, instead of penalizing what we don’t like.” The new subsidies are no good to them without the growth policy in place by law, because it is the trigger for the financial benefits that they would like to get from your tax money.  I am personally not against people developing land, but I won’t trade our property rights for any special interests.
Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of great Americans who fought for property rights with every political affiliation you can think of including Republican.  This doesn’t change the fact that almost everyone in elected office from both parties want to steal your property rights; that is their track record.

They may claim they are finally listening, but actions speak louder than words.  The contract for America by Newt Gingrich was broken right after you re-elected them all back to office.  This is kind of like the Charlie Brown cartoon where the character pulls the football away every time he goes to kick it.  This of course makes him fall to the ground and get hurt.  Every time he gets back up he is reassurred that it won’t happen again.  There might be a lesson to be learned here.

You might consider watching my video http://www.ivotelibertarian.com/stopzoningnow.php for a more comprehensive discussion on the subject of zoning and who was who in the fight for property rights.  Make sure you show up at the North Valley Pachyderm Club meeting Friday, October 15, 2010 at noon at The Frontier Cafe.  Let them know how you feel about them trying to steal your property rights.

Also from the Desk of Dan Cox:

The real reason I am running for office:

It has been claimed by some that I am running for office to help get Democrats elected.  This is far from the truth and immaterial, since the Republican incumbents in this valley vote so similarly you can hardly tell the difference between the two parties.   With the recent proposed zoning for Ravalli County, which was being financed  and pushed by out or state multi-national corporations, there was a huge stir among valley residents once  they became aware of how egregious and unconstitutional  the proposed zoning was. The plan was opposed by several different groups, each one claiming to have the best strategy to stop the unlawful taking of property rights with no compensation for those rights. My personal research led me to an altogether different solution, namely to repeal the growth policy. It was clear and simple to me that the law states that without a growth policy no zoning can be implemented.

The truth is that when I submitted the petition to repeal the growth policy, I was opposed by both Democrat and Republican elected officials.  It really started with Lee Foss; who was much more of a force against the repeal than even The Friends of the Bitterroot.  He did a good job touting anti-zoning rhetoric, but in fact he wouldn’t sign the growth policy repeal or gather signatures to get it on the ballot.  He instead helped start a group called CPR, which was lead by Dallas Erickson.  They wanted to only give a right to vote on zoning, not stop the anti-property rights agenda.  This was clearly a trick since if you vote on zoning everyone in the cities would also get to vote even though it was county only issue, a sure loss.  If you vote on the growth policy, only county residents who would fall under the zoning would get to vote on it, a sure win.   Interestingly, both of these gentlemen (Lee Foss and Dallas Erickson) stood in front of the Ravalli County Central Committee and pleaded with them to reverse their unanimous decision to support repeal of the growth policy. Furthermore, your property rights are God given and inalienable and set forth in the US Constitution and the Bill or Rights. They are not up to a vote. If you were able to vote another’s rights away, what would be to stop you from voting away the right to bear arms, free speech, or freedom of religion, etc.

The majority of the Ravalli County Republican Central Committee stood strong for your property rights, but the elected legislators and many others were opposed to protecting these rights.  The Democrat central committee was overwhelmingly for taking your property rights.  Most of the elected officials in both parties tried to coax everyone to stop the repeal, because it would hurt their election campaigns (not to mention most of them are for zoning).   If they won’t stand for your property rights why are they representing you, since they all refused to help gather signatures and not one of them would sign the Repeal of the Growth Policy petition?

Alan Thompson (R) county commissioner

Greg Chilcott  (R) county commissioner

Ron Stoker (R) HD 87

Bob Lake (R) HD 88

Gary Maclaren (R) HD 89

Ray Hawk (R) HD 90

Rick Laible (R) Senate 44

Jim Shockley (R) Senate 45

Kathleen Driscoll (D) County Commissioner

Jim Rokosch (D) County Commissioner

George Corn (D) County Attorney

Carlotta Grandstaff (I) County Commissioner

As far as Republicans being fiscally responsible, it is far from the truth for most of them.  Go to www.miamontana.com see how they rated these legislators fiscally and see for yourself, as of 10/07/10 for the 2009 legislative session.  Here’s the short list from best to worst spending votes.

Jim Shockley (R) Senate 45 $ -18,591,018

Ray Hawk (R) HD 90  $137,601,208

Bob Lake (R)  HD 88  $209,836,369

Rick Laible (R) Senate 44  $215,980,027

Ron Stoker  (R) HD 87  $401,009,915

Gary Maclaren (R) HD 89  $433,083,288

We all saw what happened in the Primary Election this year over 81% of all the voters voted on the Republican ticket.  Why? Because the Democrats all know that they have a hard time getting elected, so they run Democrats as Republicans.  Then a majority of the Democrats vote on the Republican Ticket and like magic most of the Constitutional Republicans get voted out in the primary.  So you may ask why I am running.  Simply because I believe one person can make a difference by giving you a real choice.   You have only two choices in this election: vote for the one party system that has let you down time and again, or vote to restore liberty and vote Libertarian.

Daniel Cox


Libertarian for Senate 44

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