Sign Petition to Place Ron Paul on Primary Ballot for Montana ASAP!

February 25, 2012

Who do you really want to be President of the United States in 2012?  Here is a picture of what nearly all of the GOP wants (not to mention the mainstream media):

The "New" GOP and their Real Goal

This is not what most Montanans want, even if they consider themselves leaning Republican.  Their tactics to keep Ron Paul out of their way are luckily backfiring nearly everywhere – but they keep trying.  The latest is to keep Ron Paul off of the Montana Republican Primary Ballot!

If you act NOW, even if you are registered with a different party, you can do something about it!

Read this post from Dan Cox and David Hart!

If you are not in Ravalli County, just print the form(s) at the links (and if you gather signatures, make sure voters registered with any party are in the same Montana County).  Get your signed petitions to your County Elections Office by March 5, 2012!  Let’s DO IT!!

Put RON PAUL on the 2012 Montana Republican Primary Ballot!


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