This blog was created in response to the total lack of conservative representation in regional Montana media.  We want to keep Montana informed so they know how to defend their liberties that is every citizen’s USA and Montana Constitutionally-secured rights!

Please check out the Resources Page as well as the Blogroll in the right column – we have collected many different websites so you can be involved.  Being the independent people you are, it is likely a good idea to check out the facts.  We do not wish to be part of the problem!

To contact us, including sending tips or ConOps (Conservative Opinions), please submit using this blog’s “Contact” Page.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stay informed and vigilant, like the Montanans we are!



5 Responses to About

  1. bbforbis says:

    Hi Lisa,

    This was just posted a few minutes ago on SGP. It’s a different approach to B.O. & Company’s disaster plan. Supported by Dick Morris. Here is the link, let me know your thoughts. SGP site not working very well this morning, so could not send you message direct through there. Let me know your thoughts.



  2. moncon1776 says:

    Hello Becky! This will be passed along to Lisa, and she will respond to you at the SGP Forum – thanks!

  3. Thank you for your mentions on your page.
    I would love to post a link to your website and a banner if you have one on the ravalli-bell site.

  4. My Own Name says:

    I just heard that the Conservitave group put on a confrence in Missoula. Is it true that you had a tailgate party. If so, glad I missed your uneducational drunk fest. Way to go Mona, you really are just a party girl

    • moncon1776 says:

      While this post has nothing to do with Mona, perhaps you were buzzed when reading this and missed the entire point (either that, or you cannot spell very well).

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